HowTo ÖH-Wahl

Hey there buddy!
As you might come from another country, you might wonder whether or not you're allowed to vote. Clear answer: Yes you are allowed to vote! But let's look a bit into details:

All regular students have the electoral right at their respective university.
If you haven’t paid the students’ union (ÖH) fee by the deadline (which is the 30th of March 2021) unfortunately you are not listed in the electoral register and therefore not allowed to vote. In case of doubt just ask at the polling stations.

The national union of students (ÖH) directly negitioates with key stakeholders to accomplish better study conditions for all of us. Every vote counts to strenghten our negotiating position!

On election days, you will receive at least three ballots: one ballot for the election of your student-representatives, one for your representatives on university level and the one for your representatives on the federal level. Depending on how many studies you are enrolled for, you will get multiple ballots for each study faculty.

On this site, you will find all polling stations at the University of Graz